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Accounting Services

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Our main activities are accounting and financial consulting services. From us, clients receive extensive business operational advice and insights in areas such as accounting, taxation and consulting services.


Our experienced specialists in the field of accounting will provide you with relevant accounting services as efficiently as possible and in a way tailored to the specifics of your business, analyze your needs in the shortest possible time with high accuracy and quality, and provide relevant financial information relevant to your company.

Accounting services

Accounting services include

  • Preparation of primary documentation
  • Production of accounting records
  • Calculation of salaries
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns
  • Tax administration
  • Consulting on financial and tax issues
  • Bank transfers
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the Supervision Service (SARAS)
  • Prepare reports and / or report at appropriate intervals
  • Submitting information to the National Statistics Office of Georgia and / or other relevant regulator.
  • Restoration / verification of accounting records.

Preparation of primary documentation

Proper production of documentation is of special importance in accounting. For both accounting and tax purposes, accounting for economic transactions should be based on properly prepared primary documents. Based on incorrectly prepared documentation, the transactions reflected in the accounting records may be a source of significant financial or legal difficulties for the enterprise.

In recognized practice, legal documents are written documents drawn up on the basis of legal requirements to substantiate events that give rise to the rights and obligations of a person or entity without a person.

The legal document must meet certain requirements: it must be drafted in accordance with applicable law. As a rule, the form and content of the document, the rule of execution, the field of application, etc. are regulated. A document drawn up only in compliance with the rules is valid to prove the rights and obligations having legal force.

Against the background of proper documentation, the relationship between the contractors becomes more certain, stable and predictable.

The Tax Code provides a fairly complete definition of a tax document:

  1. The primary tax document is a written document that identifies the parties involved in the economic operation, includes a list of goods / services provided, value and quantity, and has a date.
  2. The accounting document is the first document (including the first tax document). Such documents include: accounting registers and other documents on the basis of which the object of taxation is established, objects related to taxation and tax liabilities are defined.
  3. We will assist you in compiling the primary documents required by law (invoice; receipt; comparison act, etc .;) and ensuring the accuracy of their content in order to minimize the relevant financial or tax risks caused by inaccuracies in the future. If necessary, it is possible to create an electronic archive of documents.

Production of accounting records

All household operations that the company will carry out on a daily basis will be reflected in the relevant accounting system. Immediate coverage of sales, purchases and cash flow is especially important because the company's management is constantly informed about current liabilities or requirements. It also facilitates the monitoring of the accuracy of tax returns and the production of financial reporting. The rest of the operations will be reflected, in order of priority, by agreement. The month closes no later than the 20th of the following month. The manufactured accounting system provides all the necessary information related to the current or expected events in the company. Such information is critical to making the right and timely business decision.

Calculation of salaries

With the increase of employees in the company, the need to develop a salary structure and the complexity of the relevant structure increases. Depending on the specifics of the activity, one enterprise may use several payroll calculations. For example: fixed salary accrual; Calculate monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses; Creating deduction components; Calculate additional benefits; Separate separation of excessive work, etc .;

Proper salary structure and its calculations, which will be immediately reflected in the accounting program, will allow for timely and fair distribution of the salary budget, as well as save time in management, allowing for additional involvement in other important issues.

Preparation and submission of tax returns

Tax returns will be prepared / submitted in accordance with the law, within the timeframe established by law. The declared numbers will be in full compliance with the existing documents. In this part the company assumes full responsibility, which in turn insures the risks.

Tax administration

Our accountants will provide you with timely information on all expected taxes so that management has time to mobilize the appropriate funds and make timely payments to the budget.

Consulting on financial and tax issues

You will receive advice and advice on both financial and tax issues on an ongoing basis. We will immediately inform you about all the important changes and innovations in the field.

Bank transfers

By agreement we will prepare all types of payment orders, salaries, payments to suppliers, budget transfers, etc.; In both national and foreign currency.

Bank transfer services

Preparation and submission of reports to the Supervision Service (SARAS)

In the event that the Company is a Category III or Category IV enterprise, we will prepare and submit the relevant financial statements to the Supervision Service. As for Group I and Group II enterprises, it is mandatory to prepare audited financial statements. Category I reporting should be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS); Category II reporting may be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS Standards) as well as (IFRS) standards.

Monthly financial reporting

In order for enterprise management to be able to properly plan, accurately analyze past events, compare different comparable periods, and maneuver in a timely manner, it is important to produce monthly financial reports: balance sheet; Profit / loss; Cash flow statement and equity statement.

Financial reporting will be prepared no later than the 25th day of the month following the month ended. Special articles will have separate notes where management will be able to understand the meaning and origin of a particular number in more detail. We will also analyze the maturity of debtor-creditors. Compare revenues and expenses with comparable periods.

Statistics and other regulators

We will prepare / submit all the necessary information to the National Statistics Agency, as well as, if available, we will prepare the information in accordance with the requirements of another regulator.

Restoration of the old period

Our service includes restoration of the previous (non-traditional) period. Analysis of coding accuracy and monitoring of declared information. You will receive information about the identified deficiencies and existing risks in the form of a report.

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