Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible business is involved in building a strong state and a healthy society.

Responsible business creates an environment that ensures and maintains the health of its employees in other aspects of physical, emotional, as well as healthy lifestyles and creates an appropriate foundation for their financial well-being. In other words, the main goal of responsible business with employees is to ensure their well-being: Promoting physical, mental, financial and healthy lifestyles are four key factors.

We give everyone an equal opportunity, regardless of gender or culture.

We believe it is important to provide each of them with equal opportunities and not to discriminate against people. We try to help each of them by developing equal opportunities and the same tools, providing them with equal opportunities and the same tools in order to become the best, to maximize their opportunities and get a well-deserved promotion in the audit company Kreston Papiashvili.

We offer everyone the opportunity to get a quality education.

We believe that our employees should become highly developed professionals. This is not limited to their technical training and the development of so-called "soft skills", as well as the acquisition of knowledge necessary for the well-being of life in general, so that they can develop, achieve success and self-realization in any environment.

We are aware of our share of responsibility for the continuing negative environmental processes on a planetary scale and for the corresponding alarming climate change. We take responsibility for controlling our environmental impact and act in accordance with the relevant vision, knowledge or responsibility. As a professional services company, the majority of our carbon footprint is generated by our employees during business travel and on the move. With regard to the consumption of printing paper, we believe that the reduction in its consumption is clearly related to the conservation and survival of forest cover throughout the planet.

We reduce this negative impact by implementing sufficient and appropriate technical and / or technological solutions, as well as their systematic use. For example, reducing fuel consumption for travel is often possible through the use of online and electronic communication platforms, as well as reducing paper consumption for printing by using documents in electronic format in advance with the client.

In addition to our professional mission, we recognize our enormous responsibility to create a healthier, better and safer living environment.