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Davit Papiashvili Member Of The Board Of The GFPAA
გააზიარე სტატია

Davit Papiashvili Was Elected As A Member Of The Board Of The GFPAA

Davit Papiashvili was elected a member of the GFPAA board with the support of an absolute majority of delegates.

Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors (GFPAA) is a membership-based professional (non-governmental, non-profit) organization. Established on May 5, 1998, as a result of the merger of the Georgian Accountants’ Club and the Association of Accountants.

GFPAA’s goal

The main goal is to reach and retain highly qualified members in order to provide quality professional services to the community; Promote the improvement of the investment business environment by establishing international best practices in accounting, financial reporting, and auditing; Promote the economic growth of the country by improving the business environment.

David Papiashvili is a managing partner of Kreston Georgia, an international network audit firm. For many years, his daily life and activities have been related to the development and promotion of the profession of an accountant, auditor, and tax consultant.

Papiashvili, a practicing auditor and former lecturer on the GFPAA Board, ACCA, Kreston Academy, and other institutions, has always worked to protect the interests of professionals. In recent years, as a result of joint work with colleagues, he has led many successful projects in the field:

  • One of the directions of its activity is to work to correct the shortcomings in the tax legislation.
  • Actively involved in the development of new VAT tax regulations since 2021, which aims to alleviate the aggravating norms in the legislation and eliminate ambiguity.
  • Regularly conducts various studies on the effective work of the country’s tax authority, which aims to examine the issues of efficiency of the Georgian Revenue Service and compliance with the law in tax audits of the private sector.
  • In addition to auditing, practice is actively involved in the training of professionals working in the field of accounting and auditing.

Buff Tax Committee

For the past 2 years, as Chairman of the Buff Tax Committee, have been involved in answering and consulting GFPAA questions. He prepared answers to the questions received from the members of the federation on a monthly basis, which were later published in the journal of the federation.

Due to the challenges in the profession of accountant and auditor, Davit Papiashvili considers it his responsibility as a professional in the field to continue to share professional knowledge and experience with colleagues in the future and to direct his efforts to develop the profession and achieve new goals.

Davit Papiashvili

“I believe that with our joint efforts, it will be possible to take important victories and take positive steps for the profession. With the support of professionals in the field, I already serve the representatives of the profession of accountant and auditor with a new status, “- said David Papiashvili.

გააზიარე სტატია