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Kreston Georgia Achievements In 2020
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Company Achievements In 2020

The Most Important Social Projects Implemented In Parallel With Professional Success

Auditing company “Kreston Georgia” is a member and representative of one of the leading audit companies in the world “Kreston International” in Georgia. Kreston International is represented in more than 110 countries worldwide and brings together 23,000 professionals.

Business adaptation during the Covid 19 pandemic

Kreston Georgia responded quickly in early March 2020, when the crisis caused by the pandemic hit the business sector with all its intensity and was one of the first companies to reach the community affected by Covid 19 as well as the most valuable business in its possession. Expressed support for the resources and decided to contribute to the fight against the consequences of the crisis.

The project started operating in March 2020 and it is noteworthy that it continues to this day. Its purpose as a small business. Supporting medium-sized businesses, as well as its representatives (in this case, industry practitioners) in the event of a pandemic, improving their professional skills and providing them with information on relevant issues in a comfortable format, Upgrading their skills, their support – in solving problematic issues related to relevant tax issues.

The company will not stop existing projects in the future and will constantly organize new projects that will be adapted to socio-economic challenges.

Kreston Georgia understands his responsibility and his role in the development and support of the field. During its existence, the company has trained more than 4,000 practitioners in its existing academy, of which it is fully aware of the responsibility of further support and implements this support in practice within the above-mentioned public or other personal initiatives.

Company Development

The main goal of the program was to support the affected sector, business. The educational group Kreston Georgia Education Space was formed. The group had 2 thousand members on the day of its creation, the number of which increased to 4 thousand. 9 free trainings were held within the program. The topics for the relevant training were selected by the group members themselves through a survey, and the questions accumulated during the training – due to their large number – were allocated to a separate online inclusion. No questions were left unanswered by any interested parties.

“Relationships make us who we are. Thus, our values ​​- trust, sensitivity, quality, honesty, effective cooperation – are the basis of everything we do. ”  On issues of interest to them and the changes that are currently taking place in the legislative space.

Despite the size of the business, Covid Pandemic has done a great deal of damage to the sector as a whole. Accordingly, the company, within the framework of its own social responsibility initiative, decided to launch an additional project in parallel with the provision of free training for practitioners in the field. We have chosen a form of communication that is accessible to everyone, as well as in maximum compliance with the existing circumstances and regulations – online format – Both for asking questions and for direct consultation. Also, instead of an individual format, we made the consultations public – it was held live on the company’s Facebook page, which allowed all listeners and interested parties to get maximum information.

A total of 10,000 people were involved in the free business consulting project. Who expressed 100% satisfaction with the project and its results and asked the company to continue the project. Two free consultations have been conducted so far and up to a hundred questions have been sent.

Kreston Georgia does not carry out the projects initiated under the current social responsibility, it intends to continue the project for at least another year and support the professionals working in the field of accounting, reporting, and auditing in this way.

Levan Papiasvhili

“Business never stops – that’s why we never stop either. “Our creative and dynamic approach means that we are always ready to share common sense, critical vision, and give them tailored, individually tailored advice that they really need – and we usually do it before they see the need for it.” Levan Papiashvili, Kreston Georgia’s Managing Partner, talks about the business consulting project.

Auditing company Kreston Georgia offers clients a wide range of audit and business consulting services, which includes the following services:

  • Accounting and outsourcing services
  • Audit, assurance, and related services
  • Taxes, tax disputes, transfer pricing, and international taxation
  • Business consulting
  • Valuation services
  • Legal services
  • Training and seminars at Kreston Academy.

გააზიარე სტატია