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Full service of taxation services

Creston Georgia offers qualified team services and offers a full range of taxation services. The purpose of this service is to minimize your company's tax risks and to eliminate the possibility of imposing tax sanctions on your company under applicable law. As you know, for any business, including start-up companies, tax risks are associated with operating activities, which increase with the growth of the company and acquire a much larger scale.

The management of such risks is crucial, otherwise the tax liabilities arising from the ongoing processes in the company and the amount of the sanction imposed may be such that the company is forced to suspend or discontinue operations.

Full service of taxation services in Georgia

Create a qualified tax audit

The best way to insure against these risks is to get a tax audit conducted by qualified auditors, as well as other tax tax consulting services.

We offer a complete business tax audit, which includes checking the correctness of all tax returns in Georgia, as well as an audit by individual taxes and topics. By receiving our service, you receive a detailed written report on the results of the audit of tax liabilities, which will fully describe the exact amount of tax payable / deductible, deficiencies identified in the audit process and ways to correct these deficiencies, as well as issues of general tax and public risk. Requires caution.

Relationship with LEPL Revenue Service

This service is much more valuable due to the fact that our company has regular contact with the LEPL Revenue Service due to tax litigation or participation in various processes (including legislative activities), therefore the company has accumulated a lot of information, knowledge and experience directly from the tax service. On different approaches to taxation or tax calculation principles, which, if our recommendations are taken into account, completely excludes the possibility of imposing taxes and sanction amounts on our company clients in the future. In the process of customer service, special attention is paid to the issue of privacy of customer information, which is achieved at the expense of various internal policies and procedures implemented in our company, which ultimately ensures high protection of customer privacy.

Knowledge and experience of tax experts

Successful management of a company in the era of globalization requires a lot of resources and energy, especially in the case of companies that do not operate only in the Georgian market. In such a case, for effective management and making the right decisions, management needs an organization that has access to the knowledge and experience of local tax experts from around the world. This is what Kreston's global network allows you to do.


Kreston's member companies in more than 120 countries around the world, with worldwide knowledge and experience in taxation, provide high quality consulting services to their clients based on state-of-the-art approaches and highly professional knowledge of local tax law.

Taxation service in Georgia

Partnership with Kreston Georgia

In the case of a partnership, you will receive quality tax services based on both a highly professional knowledge of local tax law as well as worldwide experience in taxation. Regarding quality control, we additionally note that the company has its own methodology for managing tax audit services, which is used by our network member companies around the world. Quality control is carried out both by us and centrally by our network head office, according to a pre-approved manual manual based on the international quality control standard.

During the tax audit, accounting and tax accounting data are collected and analyzed, which allows us to determine the correctness of the company's tax liabilities, make recommendations for tax optimization, and provide valuable advice to employees on how to correct identified deficiencies. Most importantly, we offer the knowledge and experience that you will definitely use for long-term purposes, you will be able to control the significant tax risks yourself and make the right decisions about how to deal with them.

Tax audit includes:

  • Audit of current tax returns;
  • Audit of tax liabilities of the previous period.

Audit of current tax returns

Regularly check your company's monthly accounting and tax records for compliance with tax law and fulfillment of tax obligations.

Ongoing consulting gives you the opportunity to receive information on current tax approaches and practices on an ongoing basis, which will significantly reduce your risk of making mistakes in the future. You will receive continuous information from us about changes in the tax legislation that have been implemented and are planned for the future, which will be relevant to the activities of your company.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to evaluate the future economic operation in the tax field and make the right operational decision.

Audit of tax returns includes

  • Checking the declarations to be submitted to the tax authority and making a recommendation on the revealed inaccuracies;
  • Monthly visit to the company to get acquainted with possible tax risks and non-electronic documents;
  • Assisting and advising in the preparation of information requested by the tax authority in a number of cases;
  • Elaboration and analysis of specific tax cases and new contracts to be concluded by the company in terms of taxation;
  • Instant consulting of the company accountant by telephone and in writing;
  • Advising the company on tax changes, news and current issues relevant to the company;
  • Submitting an annual summary report assessing the Company's tax risks and accounting status.
  • Direct involvement in the process of tax audit assigned to the company and conducting the said process in accordance with the interests of the company within the framework of the current legislation.
  • Involvement in the tax dispute process (if any).

The audit of tax liabilities for the past period includes the analysis of economic operations performed in the past periods to be examined in order to determine the tax liabilities and related tax risks, to check the compliance of tax returns submitted by the company with the tax authority.

During the audit, all taxes provided by the tax legislation are checked

  • Income tax;
  • Income tax;
  • VAT;
  • Excise tax;
  • property tax;
  • Import;
  • Fees.

At the final stage of the tax audit process, we present a detailed report on tax liabilities and risks, detailing the identified deficiencies and ways to correct them. Also, which is not so common in the audit market, our company is not limited to general advice and recommendations and will provide you with detailed information on the specific amounts of taxes to be paid / reduced, according to the relevant taxes and tax periods. In addition, you will be introduced to the general tax risks associated with your company, so that you can take into account the tax risks and threats in the sector when planning future operational steps. All records of the final report of the audit of tax liabilities will be passed, agreed and explained to the representatives of the company.

The audit of tax liabilities includes the following procedures:

  • To study and process the declared information provided by the company;
  • Checking the compliance of the company accounting with the first accounting documents;
  • Discuss with you the identified deficiencies, existing tax risks and the means provided by the current legislation to neutralize them;
  • Sharing opinions on the most optimal and effective management of taxes;
  • Submitting an audit report on tax liabilities;
  • Assistance in correcting inaccuracies identified as a result of the audit process;
  • To be directly involved in the tax audit process assigned to the company and to conduct the said process in accordance with the interests of the company within the framework of the current legislation;
  • Involvement in the tax dispute process (if any).

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