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Along with the development of a market economy, insurance against legal risks is becoming more and more important, which is considered as one of the important indicators of success. Our legal team has extensive experience in civil and administrative law, both theoretically and practically, which significantly determines the effectiveness of resolving legal issues. In addition, the service provides for the management of the legal portfolio of companies / legal entities, as well as the full representation (including in court, with administrative bodies, individuals and legal entities).

Corporate Law

Entrepreneurship law is a dynamically evolving field and in order to effectively address issues raised in practice, it constantly needs to adapt to change, integrate corporate governance principles, and address issues promptly in the governance process.

Our team recommends founding a company, making relevant changes to the business register, drawing up minutes for partner meetings, drafting partnership agreements, drafting charters and articles of association, reviewing all corporate governance paperwork, and ensuring compliance with applicable law. Determining the competence of the bodies). The service package provides full legal support for companies mergers, reorganizations and acquisitions of shares / stocks in order to identify and identify legal risks.

Real Estate and Construction Sector

In parallel with the development of the market economy, one of the demand segments was real estate and investing in the construction sector. Our services in this area include both legal analysis of real estate transactions (including contingent purchase / lease / rent / usufruct / servitude, etc.) as well as full legal support in administrative proceedings related to the relevant permits. However, the real estate transaction section also assesses the compliance of any property transactions with applicable law and legal risks (including mortgage agreements).

Corporate Law services in georgia

Legal support for relations with administrative bodies (including purchase of property, participation in tenders);

Individuals often need legal advice if they are interested in purchasing state / local self-owned property. Our team will take care of the necessary documentation to meet the necessary prerequisites and, if necessary, identify the risks of the transaction.

Representation in administrative bodies also includes, if there is interest, preparation of tender documents and ensuring the legal compliance of issues related to it.

In relation to administrative bodies, involvement / consultation / representation in any administrative proceedings is also considered.

Investment and Financial Law

Within the framework of public-private partnership, significant changes were made in Georgian legislation to support the investment direction, and strategic steps were taken to promote the investment environment, which made the issue of studying and identifying contractual risks in this area even more urgent.

Our team will take care to properly identify your risks within the investment projects and to comply with the relevant contract terms and legislation. Including projects involving the state and the private sector.

In addition, our team will evaluate the tax side of this or that transaction and the related financial aspects.

Intellectual Property Law

Changes and developments in public life have put the practical application of intellectual property law on the agenda. Consequently, there is a growing interest in this field due to its urgency.

Our team offers intellectual property rights support, which also includes the preparation of relevant agreements (including license agreement, patent agreement, etc.), full intellectual property rights of the client, representation, protection of copyright and related rights, trademark registration Support the authorized administrative body and obtain the necessary documentation.

Real Estate and Construction Sector

Labour Law

Considers the creation of the necessary documentation in terms of labor organization certificate and compliance with international / local practice, as well as representation in labor disputes, creation / amendment / revision of labor regulations and proper formation of the interests of employees / employers;

Tax and customs law

Based on the experience of our company, in order to effectively compile / represent the relevant documents in tax disputes, the joint participation of relevant specialists and lawyers is ensured, which increases the possibility of successful completion of the dispute. However, our many years of experience in the field of taxation is a significant advantage that our team has and that implies the existence of theoretical and practical knowledge.


A) Representation in administrative bodies;

Often the first stage before court representation involves the possibility of appealing against relevant acts by filing an administrative complaint with an administrative body, which is an important link in terms of effectively resolving a dispute;

B) representation in arbitration;

An alternative mechanism for resolving private legal disputes may include the possibility of representation in arbitration. Qualified preparation / representation of the arbitration claim / counterclaim is an important prerequisite for effective dispute resolution.

C) representation in court;

Judicial representation implies the provision of our services in the courts of all instances. This section includes the creation of the necessary documentation for participation in court proceedings and full representation services. In addition, disputes are settled in the field of civil and administrative law (which includes but is not limited to property law, civil and inheritance disputes, disputes related to tax legislation, disputes related to the invalidity of administrative acts, etc.).

Resolving family and inheritance issues

Our team will exercise representative authority in family and inheritance disputes. In addition, he applies to the notary with a request to issue an inheritance certificate.

Enforcement proceedings

If there is an appropriate decision, it is important that the issue of its enforcement is properly addressed. Our team will take care of your interests within the enforcement proceedings.

Compilation of legal documentation

This section covers all types of legal documentation that a client may need to obtain the desired legal outcome (including statements, motions, contracts, lawsuits, counterclaims, etc.).

Legal service implementation form:

Outsourcing services - mainly the ability to obtain legal services online;

Partial Outsourcing Services - A hybrid model of collaboration that also includes representing our lawyer in your office.

Business trips of our employees to the client's office - which means the possibility of receiving full legal services in your office under our supervision.

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